Newcastle's Driving Force

Our people make Newcastle a great place to work. 

Michael R. Haney

President & CEO

Jack Potts

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Merchant


Brennan Hitpas

Managing Director, Investment

Kurt Pairitz

Managing Director, Development

Gunner Schnowske

Managing Director, Asset Management

Mindy Bruscemi

Senior Vice President, Residential Property Management

Laura Giampietro

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Mark Tumiel

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Carly Gronow

Vice President, Residential Property Management

Randy Grueb

Vice President, Development

Samuel J. Hergott

Vice President, Retail Leasing

Jeff Janka

Vice President of Yield Optimization, Property Management

Kristen L. Martin

Vice President, Retail Leasing

Nada Paic

Vice President of Operations, Property Management

Dan Thalheimer

Vice President of Acquisitions

MJ Zaring

Vice President, Asset Management

Kevin Brown

Director, Retail Asset Management

Michael DeFrang

Director, Marketing

Hunter Dowd

Director, Acquisitions

Brad Kirshenbaum

Director, Operations Strategic Initiatives

Slater Lewis

Director, IT Services

Jiten Sood


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